Two recordings of
The Exile’s Jig
The Humours Of Westmeath

The Exile’s Jig (slip jig) is also known as The Emigrant’s, The Exile’s, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, The New Widow Well Married, Port An Deora, Port An Deorai, Port Na Deorai, The Widow Well Married.

The Humours Of Westmeath (slip jig) is also known as A Blast Of Wind, A Kiss In The Furz, Blast Of Wind, The Blast Of Wind, The Clout, Cock In The Heath, The Cock In The Heath, Drops Of Spring Water, Drops Of Springwater, The Humors Of Caledon, The Humors Of Westmeath, The Humours Of Caledon, Kiss In The Furz, Kiss In The Furze, Rakes Of Westmeath, The Rakes Of Westmeath.

Early Rising by Setanta

  1. The Exile’s
  2. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  3. Last Night’s Fun
  4. A Blast Of Wind

The Great Divide by Emerald

  1. The Exile’s
  2. The Disused Railway
  3. A Blast Of Wind