Alex MacEachern strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Alex MacEachern
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
B |: "A"A<Ae>A {A}c>BA>f | e<A"D"f>d "Em"e2 e<a | "A"A<Ae>A {A}c>BA>=c | "G"B<GB<g [d2D2] d>B :|
"A"A<a{b}a>f {ef}e>dc<A | A<a"D"f>d "Em"e2 e<a | "A"A<a{a}a>f {ef}e>dc<A | "G"B<GB<g [d2D2] d>B |
"A"A<a{b}a>f {ef}e>dc<A | A<a"D"f>d "Em"e2 (3efg | "A"(3agf "G"{gf}g>e "D"(3fed "Em"e<g | "G"B<GB<g [d2D2] d |]
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Alex MacEachern

A Dan Hughie MacEachern strathspey from Cape Breton. Alex MacEachern was his older brother, who was also fiddler who influenced Dan Hughie’s music from early on. This tune can be heard at 2:33 in the video. which is where I learned this tune.

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Alex MacEachern

An absolutely brilliant set there, Tate - thanks for posting it. Were you there?

The other tunes on the video are:

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No Nigel, I wasn’t there, but I would’ve loved to have been. Being from Ontario, I don’t get out that way nearly often enough.

Also Dusky Meadow is found at

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