The Mountains Of Pomeroy barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mountains Of Pomeroy
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|d2 dB dcBA|G3 A E2 GE|D3E/G/ G2 AB|c2 B2 A2 Bc|
d2 dB dcBA|G3A E2 GE|D3E G3A|G2 G2 G2 GA||
B3 A G2 AB|c2 d2 d2 ge|d2 dB/A/ G2 AB|c2 c2 c2 Bc|
d2 dB dcBA|G2 A2 E2 GE|D3E G3A|G2 G2 G2 GA|
B2 A2 G2 AB|c2 d2 d2 ge|d3B/A/ G2 AB|c2 c2 c2 Bc|
d2 B2 dcBA|G2 A2 E2 GE|D3 E G2 G2|G2 G2 G2||
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Dr George Sigerson (1836-1925), a physician, scientist, writer and poet from Co Tyrone, wrote words to the tune, and they were published in 1869 in The Harp of Erin: A Book of Ballad-Poetry and of Native Song (p.229). The poem cites "The Mountains of Pomeroy" as the melody, so it is reasonable to assume that the tune existed under that name before Sigerson wrote words to it.

Apparently, Sigerson also advocated the growing of cannabis as a way to transform the Irish economy, and published a pamphlet on the subject in 1866.

Cheers Weejie!

since when was this tune ever a barn dance? I love playing it as a slow air or sing it the odd time but compare it to another barn dance it doesn’t really fit but a georges melody all the same thanks for posting this tune JACKB 🙂


Ah, An Raibh Tu Ar An GCarraig is here among the waltzes too. You notice there aren’t too many classifications to go around for those song airs. Way back when Jeremy explained this as the types being there mostly for the sake of narrowing down time signature, in the case of the songs anyway. Mostly this site is about dance music, after all.

Jolly Trad Giant

shut up.

Re: The Mountains Of Pomeroy

Can be played as a March