Snowflake Breakdown reel

Also known as Snowflake.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Snowflake Breakdown
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3ABc|"D"d2 fa fedf|edBA dB A2|"A" A,2 A,C E2AB|cABc BAFA|
"D"d2 fa fedf|edBA dB A2|"A"cdef gecA|"D"d2dd d2:|
|:"D"(3ABc|d2fd efdf|"A"a^g=gf edc=c|"Bb"_B2 _Bd =f_Bdf|_bg=f_b gf (3ABc|
"D"d2fd efdf|a^g=gf edcB|"A" cdef gecA|"D"d2dd d2:|

Three comments

Snowflake Breakdown

Learned from my teacher, Carol Monaco. Modulates to Bb for 2 bars in part B, which makes it weird to accompany at first, but a nice intermediate tune for violin.


This tune was written by Canadian fiddler Wally Traugott decades ago. It was a popular "hot" tune for fiddlers such as Ward Allen and Don Messer.

Re: Snowflake Breakdown

Some notes gleaned from the interwebs: Wally Traugott (d. 2010) was said to have been the highest paid fiddler in 1950s Canada as the fiddle player on the popular country music television program The Tommy Hunter Show, and played with Tommy at Ryman Auditorium on the Grand Ole Opry.

He went on to enjoy a career as a Mastering Engineer at Capitol Records and did the final audio mix on some of the greatest albums of the 20th Century: The original Capitol issue of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon (according to lore, it was first-pass approved), George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, The Plastic Ono Band, Wing’s Band On The Run, The Beatles At Hollywood Bowl, Bob Seger’s Night Moves, Boston, The Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian, The Stray Cats, the soundtrack to Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Julio Iglesias, Tony Bennett, Streisand, Manilow, Willie Nelson, etc…