Skea Brae polka

Also known as Skae Brae.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Skea Brae
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
L: 1/16
E4|:A3B c2 e2|dcBA Bc e2|f2ga eAae|c2 B2 BdcB|$
|A3B c2 e2|dcBA Bce2|f2ga eAae|[1 c2 A2 AdcB:|[2 c2A2 A2e2|$
|:a3e cdf2|e2f/2g/2a c2BA|cd2f ecBA|c2B2 B2e2|$
|a3e cd f2|e2f/2g/2a c2BA|cd2f ecBA|[1 c A2 A2e2:|[2 c2A2 AdcB|$
|:AGAB cBce|dcBA Bc e2|f2ga eAae|c2B2 BdcB|$
|AGAB cBce|dcBA Bc e2|f2ga eAae|[1 c2A2 AdcB:|[2 c2A2 A2e2|$
|:ac'ea gbeg|f/2g/2adf ceae|defg aAae|c2B2 B2e2|$
|ac'ea gbeg|f/2g/2adf ceae|defg aAae|[1c2A2 A2e2:|[2c2A2 A4|$

Two comments

Skea Brae

I learnt this by ear and transcribed it (with help from Jim o’Toole) from the Wrigley sisters album Idiom, the track is credited to the Garson Trio. Great tune the last part is hard for me as it has a position shift but maybe the tune could be played in G. It don’t think its a polka as allowed by this site but a march.

"the track is credited to the Garson Trio."

I believe Jimmy Garson composed the tune. Jimmy was the fiddler with the trio. I mind him well.
The tune was also known as "Skae Brae" (not to be confused with "Skara Brae", which has also been called "Skea Brae"). The place referred to is in Sandwick, Orkney. Up by where the Garsons stayed.