The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance jig

Also known as Abbots Bromley Horndance.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
e |B2 e G2 e | B2 e E2 G | F>GA G>AB | A>GF G2 e |
B2 e G2 e | Bee E2 G | FF/G/A GG/A/B | AGF E2 ||
e |c2 e cde | A2 c ABc | FGA GFE | D2 F [B,2B2] g |
e2 g efg | c2 e cde | dcB AGF | E3 E2 ||
A |B>cB c3 | B>cB e3 | B>cB A>GF | G2 F EF/G/A |
B>GE cEG | B>GE c2 E | B>cB AGF | E3 E2 |]
X: 2
T: The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
g |d2 g B2 g | d2 g G2 B | ABc Bcd | cBA B2 g |
d2 g B2 g | d2 g G2 B | ABc Bcd | cBA G2 ||
g |e2 g efg | c2 e efg | ABc BAG | F2 A D2 b |
g2 b gab | e2 g efg | fed cBA | G3 G2 ||
[Cc] |[Dd][Ee][Dd] [E3e3] | [Dd][Ee][Dd] [G3g3] | [Dd][Ee][Dd] [Cc][B,B][A,A] | [B,2B2] [A,A] [G,2G2] [Cc] |
[Dd][Ee][Dd] [E3e3] | [Dd][Ee][Dd] [G3g3] | [Dd][Ee][Dd] [Cc][B,B][A,A] | [G,3G3] G2 |]

Five comments

“The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance”

Opening the door again to see and try, hopefully, some other takes on this. Of transcriptions I’ve seen some have all three parts repeating, some have only the 3rd part repeating. I’ve seen transcriptions in both E & D minor. Here’s hoping more will follow. I’ve danced this rarely, possibly only in a workshop a long time ago, and I’ve yet to enjoy it in person being danced down South in situ and in season. Here follows a few relevant links, starting with an entertaining YouTube on the subject:

A whole bunch of tunes in that video clip, Ceol, including:

- The Captain and His Whiskers (AKA The wearing of the Green)
- Dingle Regatta
- Cock o’ the North
- Haste to the Wedding
- Blarney Pilgrim
- Show me the Way to Go Home

How long since they used the "official" tune, I wonder?

I only know a Gm version, basically as noted above with small variations, no repeats; the main difference being in the C part, where bars 1 & 2 are repeated at bars 5 & 6.
Try it in the bottom octave of the fiddle, with plenty of drone…

Yes, I was laughing at times listening to the tune selection Mix, but it was a fun view and listen.

Nice way Jerry, why not add that as a transcription?

X: 2 “The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance” ~ in g minor

Following Jerry O’Donnell’s suggestions, in g minor. The C part could also be taken up an octave, as also shown.