Four recordings of
The Twelve Pins
Ril An Spideal

The Twelve Pins (reel) is also known as 12 Pins, Charlie Lennon’s, Twelves Pins, The Twelves Pins.

Ril An Spideal (reel) is also known as Ríl An Spidéil, Spidal, Spiddal.

Anthem by De Danann

  1. Ríl An Spidéal
  2. The Twelve Pins

Bow Brothers by Bow Brothers

  1. Ríl An Spideal
  2. The Twelve Pins

Musical Memories by Charlie Lennon

  1. Ril An Spideil
  2. Twelve Pins

The Leitrim Equation 3 by Various Artists

  1. Ríl An Spídéil
  2. The Twelve Pins
  3. Kilty Town