Kincardine Lighthouse strathspey

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X: 1
T: Kincardine Lighthouse
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
a | "A"e<AA>B "G"G>AB>d | "A"e<A (3Aeg "D"{fg}f>ed<f | "A"e<AA>B "G"G>AB>d | "A"(3edc "G"(3Bcd "A"e<AA :|
B | "A"A<aa>b a/g/f/e/ a>f | "Em"{gf}g>a{a}b>a "G"g>bg<d | "A"e<aa>b a/g/f/e/ a>f | (3edc "G"(3Bcd "A"e<AA>B |
"A"A<aa>b a/g/f/e/ a>f | "Em"{gf}g>a{a}b>a "G"g>bg<d | "Em"(3efg "D"(3fga "G"(3gab "D"(3agf | "A"(3edc "G"(3Bcd "A"e<AA |]
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Kincardine Lighthouse

Feeling ambitious today, so here is a strathspey, one of my compositions. The name comes from the unusual, yet pretty lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario. During the summer, a piper goes and plays at the top of the lighthouse on Friday evenings. A fairly large Scottish festival is also held there, showcasing the town and region’s hidden Scottish heritrage.

This is almost a pipe strathspey, and could be easily adjusted to be played on the pipes if need be. I have already run this tune by Andrea Beaton and she says it’s an original and not derivative. Copyright Tate Pumfrey, 2013. Enjoy!

(Also, I know that we are not supposed to add compositions, as they are strictly speaking not traditional, but I’ve done my penance of the five traditional tunes per one composition several times over, but I’ve been dying to share this tune so here it is. One of my better, if not best tunes.)

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Kincardine Lighthouse

Very nice, Tate. Well done!

Kincardine Lighthouse

Say Tate! Thanks for the tune! We’ll give it a go, here in Kincardine, Ontario.
By the way, that Phantom piper is up there on the lighthouse every night at dusk all summer long, not just Friday, plus, every Saturday night all summer, hundreds come out to join the town pipe band parading up and down the main drag. There’s nothing hidden about the Scottish heritage here, ha ha! Fiddles and pipes and dancing and songs all alive and well since the town was settled, 1850.
We’ll try your tune at our next session - thank you! E.J.