Busby polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Busby
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: F/A/d/f/ a>f| eB B>d | ce A>c | dB AG |
F/A/d/f/ af | eB Bd | ce AB/c/ | df dA :|
|: AF/G/ A/B/c/d/ | cB B2 | GE/F/ G/A/B/c/ | BA F2 |
AF/G/ A/B/c/d/ | cB BB | GE/F/ G/A/B/c/ | dc d2 :|
|: F/G/^G/A/ B/A/G/=G/ | F/G/^G/A/ B/A/G/=G/ | Fg fe | Af ed |
F/G/^G/A/ B/A/G/=G/ | F/G/^G/A/ B/A/G/=G/ | Fg fe | Af d2 :|
|: B2B B2 GBc | d4-d GBc | d2d d2 GBd | g6 de | g2g gfga | g2f2 f4 |
e2 ee2 ^def | e2d2 B3A | B2B B2 GBc | d4-d GBc | d4-d GBd |
g6 de | g2g2 gfga | b2g2 d3e | f2d2 c2A2 | G2B2G4 :|

Four comments

Busby Polka

A fun tune from the D/C# accordion playing of Timmy Cronin on a 50s LP: https://app.box.com/s/538n4xe76gncgepid0ui And apparently this a composition of Peter Wyper, who with his brother Daniel on 2nd box began making records over a century ago. I found a transcription of this tune for the concertina somewheres, with the "Trio" marking on the 4th part, and included that here, as it definitely fits, what with the change of key and all - very Victorian. That 4th part sounds very straight jig, too, the kind of 2/4 banjo tunes that had their own section in old collections. Curiously enough the concertina setting didn’t have the 3rd part, maybe the player only had a 20 button? (20 button isn’t quite chromatic).

The Wypers had their own line of 2 row chromatic melodeons, and tutors to match, which reveal that they put the ideas of concertina maker George Jones into practice; in the late 19th century Jones advocated the building of a 2 row box with the rows a semitone apart, suggesting C/C#; the Wypers settled on B/C, which was picked up by later Scottish box players like Jimmy Shand, and then Michael Grogan of Dublin among others adopted it, then Paddy O’Brien I, then Joe Burke, and the rest is history. The chromatic notes throughout this tune show how the Wypers put that 2nd row to good use.

Timmy Cronin

Thanks for adding the ABCs for Busby’s polka as played by Timmy Cronin. would it be to much to ask if you could provide the ABCs for the other tune "The Corkonian" (incorrectly spelled as Carkonian) in the set. Thanks.
Hugh O’Rourke

Corkonian Polka

Hugh - that’s just the Banks of Inverness with a new name. Glad you liked the tune.