Two recordings of
The Luck Penny
The Cat In The Corner

The Luck Penny (jig) is also known as The Luckpenny, The Lucky Penny, Pingin Áḋúil.

The Cat In The Corner (jig) is also known as An Cat Annsa Cuine, Felix The Wrestler, Lady Charlotte Murray, Lady Charlotte Murray’s Favourite, O’Mahoney’s, O’Mahoney’s Frolics, O’Mahony’s, O’Mahony’s Frolics, O’Malley’s, O’Shaughnessy’s, Puss In The Corner.

The Man Of The House by Tom Moran

  1. The Luckpenny
  2. O’Mahoney’s Frolics

Traditional Dance Music Of Ireland by Various Artists

  1. O’Malley’s
  2. The Luck Penny