The Marguerita waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Marguerita
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D3 EFG|JG3 FG2 |JA3Bc2| d4Je2| JB3 A{c/}AG| JB3 A{c/}AG |{c/}A3 B c2|JA4GF|
D3 EFGJ|G3 FG2 |A2B2c2 |d4Je2| JB3 A{c/}AG| {c/}A3{c/}AGF |G3-G3| G3-G3:|
g2d2d2| g2d2d2|c3d{c/}AG|JB3-B2d|g2d2d2|g2d2d2|Jc3BAG| JA3-A2F|
D3 EF2| JG3FG2|A2B2c2| d4Je2| JB3 A{c/}AG| {c/}A3{c/}AGF |G3-G3|G3-G3|
Jg2d3d| g2d2d2|c3B{c/}BA|JB3-B2D|g2d2d2|g2d2d2|Jc3BAG |A3-A2F|
D3 EF2| JG3 F G2 |A2B2c2| d4Je2| JB3 A{c/}AG| {c/}A3{c/}AGF |G3-G3|G3-G3||GJA2-A3|

One comment

The Marguerita

Wonderful heart-warming lilting tune played by Eoin Duignan on the CD Ancient Rite. I love his low whistle playing, under-recognised in my estimation. The tune contains many slide ornaments that give the tune its particular flavour. Unfortunately, while they are written into the notation, they don’t show up in the music.