Down The Rushy Glen polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Down The Rushy Glen
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D |G>A BG | A/B/A/G/ ED | GB d2 | e/g/e/d/ BA |
GG/A/ BG | A>G ED | GB d/e/d/B/ | AG G :|
|: B/c/ |d2 dG/d/ | g/a/g/f/ ed | G>A BG | A/B/A/G/ ED |
B/c/d de/f/ | gf ed | GG/A/ BB/G/ | AG G :|
|: d |g>f ed | gf e2 | GG/A/ B2 | AG E/G/E/D/ |
[1 gg/f/ ed | g/a/g/f/ ed | G>A B/c/B/A/ | G2 G :|
[2 GG/A/ BG | A/B/d ef | gB d/e/d/B/ | AG G |]
X: 2
T: Down The Rushy Glen
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: G>A BG | AG E2 | GB d2 | ed B2 |
G>A BG | AG ED | GB d>B | AG G2 :|
|: Bd ed | gf ed | G>A BG | AG E2 |
Bd ed | g>f e2 | G>A BA | G2 E2 :|
|: gf ed | gf e2 | G>A BG |
[1 AG E2 | g2 ed | gf ed | G>A BA | GE E2 :|
[2 AG ED | G>A BG | A>G ED | GB d>B | AG G2 |]

Three comments

"Down The Rushy Glen" ~ C: Vincent Broderick

This is just an initial answer to an inquiry. This is also in the first collection of Vincent’s compositions:

"Traditional Irish Flute Solos: The Turoe Stone Collection" by Vincent Broderick ~ page 37
ISBN: 1-85720-061-6

I’m pretty sure I’ve a recording somewhere of Vincent and/or other Brodericks playing this. I did look but haven’t found it yet, but will keep looking and either transcribe that too for balance, or add a transcription based on the book, if no one gets there before me. 😉

X: 2 “Down The Rushy Glen” ~ C: Vincent Broderick

Bare bones and based on the book, with the E endings given in the book, which I tend to play ‘regular’, concluding on the tonic G… Other possibilities, adding more notes - - - just a few treatments taking one to two to four 😎

A2 or AG or A>G ~ A/B/A/G/

B2 or BA or B>A ~ B/cB/A/
B2 or BG or B>G ~ B/c/B/G/
B2 or Bd or B>d ~ B/A/B/d/ or B/^A/B/d/ or B/c/B/d/

d2 or dB or d>B ~ d/c/d/B/ or d/e/d/B/ or d/g/d/B/

E2 or ED or E>D ~ E/F/E/D/ or E/G/E/D/
e2 or ed or e>d ~ e/f/e/d/ or e/g/e/d/

G2 or GA or G>A ~ G/F/G/A/
G2 or GB or G>B ~ G/A/G/B/
g2 or gf or g>f ~ g/a/g/f/

Not that I’ve covered all the possibilities there, heh, heh, heh… 😉

G2 or GB or G>B or G/F/G/B/
g2 or gf or g>f or g/b/g/f/

~ just a couple more… 😀