Harvey’s strathspey

Also known as Harvey Beaton, Harvey Beaton’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Harvey's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
B, | "Am"C>A, A,/A,/A, A>GE>A | "G"G>DE<G D<GD>B, | "Am"C>A, A,/A,/A, A>GE>A | "G"G>E"D"F<D "Em"{EF}E2 D>B, |
"Am"C>A, A,/A,/A, A>GE>A | "G"G>DE<G D<GD>B, | "Am"(3CB,A, "C"(3CDE "G"(3DCB, "Dm"(3DE=F | "C"E<C"G"D>B, "Am"E>A,A, ||
B | "Am"(3cBA (3Aag a>ee<a | "G"g>de<g d<gd>B | "Am"(3cBA (3Aag a>ee<a | "G"g>e"D"f<d "Em"{ef}[e2e2] d>B |
"Am"(3cBA (3Aag a>ee<a | "G"g>de<g d<gd>B | "Am"(3cBA "C"(3cde "G"(3dcB "Dm"(3de=f | "C"e<c"G"d>B "Am"e>AA |]
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This is a Dougie MacDonald strathspey. Don’t know who Harvey is. Maybe Dougie named this tune after the food chain? Modulates between dorian and aeolian minor through out the tune. Fun but tricky. Rather unusual with the triplets in the B part in bars B1, B3, and B5. Enjoy.

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Maybe Harvey is a rabbit….

No, I believe it refers to Harvey Beaton - the tune also goes under that name.
After Harvey the stepdancer.