Murray’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Murray's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(AF)|:"D"D2d2 d2cd|"A"ec Ac "D"d2de|"D"f2fd "A7"g2ge|"D"af df "A7"ec AF|
"D"D2d2 d2cd|"A"ec Ac "D"d2de|"D"fg af ed cB|[1"A7"A2AB "D"AGFE:|[2"A"A2A2 A2
|:(fg)|"D"ag fe dc BA|"G"B2G2 G2(ga)|"Em"ba gf gf ed|"A7"c2 A2 A2(fg)|
"D"af af "G"gb gb|"D"af af "G"gb gb|"D"af df "A7"ge ce|[1"D"d2d2 d2:|[2"D"d2d2 "A7"dB AF|]

Three comments


This tune was played at the Lucerne Session - found in "the book" #819 and rewritten to today’s styles

Huntsman Hornpipe

I know a setting in C called Hunter’s Hornpipe, a tune which can be found in many 19c American tunebooks. O’Neill #1717 goes by the same name but is a completely different tune.

Murray’s hornpipe

Can also be found in the Athole Collection (1884) under the title "Douglas", and in ‘Old Scottish Music’ (Annie Shand 1932) as "The Lochmaben Hornpipe" (she says it was from an old manuscript found in Dryhope Tower). I’m sure I remember it somewhere else with a different name, but it escapes me at this moment.