Milltimber jig

By Ian Crichton

Also known as The Milltimber, Milltimbre, Miltimbre.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Milltimber
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|AFD A,DF|Adf aAa|gfe dcB|ABA GFE|
AFD A,DF|Adf aAa|gfe cAa|fdd d2:|
|:e|f2e fga|gfg gef|gfe dcB|AaA a2g|
f2e fga|gfg gef|gfe cAa|fdd d2:|
X: 2
T: Milltimber
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|"D"AFD A,DF|"D"Adf "D/F"aAa|"Em"gfe dcB|"A7"ABA GFE|
"D"AFD A,DF|"D"Adf "D/F#"aAa|"Em"gfe "A7"cAa|"D"fdd d2:|
|:e|"D"f2e fga|"Em"gfg gef|"Em"gfe "E7"dcB|"A7"AaA a2g|
"D"f2e fga|"Em"gfg gef|"Em"gfe "A7"cAa|"D" fdd d2:|

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The Milltimber Jig

This is the original version of the jig penned by a man called Ian Chrichton. I don’t know anything about him except he is Scottish.

I got to know this tune from the recording of Deaf Shepherd, a great Scottish band, and later found it was sometimes played in the beginners’ session in Edinburgh. But it’s getting popular in Ireland, too. I heard this jig played several times last summer. I don’t remember well, but I think it was around Galway and West Clare.

It’s obvisously a fiddle tune, but whistle and flute player can play AFD D2F adding a cut on the second D, instead of AFD A,DF.

Quite fashionable tune, so you should learn it.

Yep, this one’s a gem. Lots of variation possibilities, and I love tunes inspired by mills when they capture that rhythmic circular feeling of the millwheels going around. Thanks for posting this one, Slainte!

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You’re welcome, Will. Yes, Miller’s Maggot and Miller of Drohan are also nice.
I want responses from Ireland. Some of you already heared or played this tune in the session, right?

Thanks slainte. I lived in Milltimber for about a year, in the mid-eighties, but have never actually heard of this tune before.

I see this website, below, refers to it as a ‘recent’ Jig by Ian Crichton, so that might explain why?

The Milltimber Jig

Ptramigan said “I see this website…refers to it as a ‘recent’ Jig by Ian Crichton…”

It has to be said that I call many tunes written in the past 40 years as “recent”. I don’t actually know exactly when it was written, but I suspect around thew 1980s. I think I got my version from fiddler Derek Hoy of Edinburgh. I agree, a terrific tune.

Milltimber Jig / Ian Crichton

Ian Crichton was born on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in the 1930’s. Self taught chanter player as a boy when hospitalised. Moved to accordion(s). Prolific tune composer. First tune composed in the 1950’s.

Milltimber Jig dedicated to friends who lived in Milltimber, Aberdeen.

Relied on friends to transcribe his music. Used to say “I don’t read or write the dots - at least not well enough for it to have done me any serious harm”.

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“and I love tunes inspired by mills when they capture that rhythmic circular feeling of the millwheels going around. “

Yet it seems that there is no record of a mill in Milltimber. Many place names in the area containing “mill” are derived from “meall”, meaning “hill”. It is thought that “Milltimber” comes from “meall tobair”, meaning “hill of the well”. Perhaps the sound is water in the well. Anyway, it may well become quite noisy in the near future, when the Aberdeen bypass cuts through Culter.

Mill near Milltimber

The residential suburb of Milltimber is a fairly recent development (late 1960s) prior to which old maps show Milltimber (and Camphill) as being the area south of the A93 in the vicinity of the Milltimber Brae. Indeed there is still a Milltimber Farm in that area. However, Milltimber has since extended considerably to join up with Bieldside, at its east end, and Peterculter, at its west end. Since before the 1500s, there was the Murtle Mill, a former corn and barley mill, which had been converted by 1970 into a bar/restaurant - a very popular eatery with the new local residents. It was situated at the eastmost extremity of Milltimber, where it joins Bieldside. This was later to be renamed the Waterwheel Inn and was greatly expanded over the years to include comprehensive hotel accommodation and function suites. Sadly, the business declined over the last couple of decades and there is a new housing development being built on the site, although the original mill will be retained due to its protected status. It may be that Milltimber derived its name from this ancient mill - it seems to be the only mill nearby unless you include those at Peterculter, a fair bit westwards.

Milltimber, X:2

Chords as per the setting in Ho-Ro-Gheallaidh. Session Tunes for Scottish Fiddlers. Volume 4, p.6 (Christine Martin, Taigh na Teud. 2011). Notes otherwise exactly as Slainte’s original posting. It appears that the composer, Ian Crichton, died in 1999.