Sleeping Giant Two-Step polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sleeping Giant Two-Step
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ad |:"D"f>g fd|A z F z |"A7"GG/G/ GF | E3 F |
"A7"GG/G/ GF |EA, DE |"D"F>G FE | F2 Ad |
"D"f>g fd|A z F z |"A7"GG/G/ GF | E3 F |
"A7"GG/G/ GA |c>A Bc |"D"d2 d>d |1d2 Ad:|2dd "D7"c=c|]
|:"G"B2 d2 |g3 g |"D"f>g fe |AF Ad|
"A7"e2 e>f |ec BA |"D"dd FG |Ad "D7"c=c |
"G"B2 d2 |g3 g |"D"f>g fe |"D"AF "B7"GF|
"Em7"E3 F |"A7"G>A Bc|"D"d2 d>d |1"D"dd "D7"c=c:|2"D"d3|]

One comment

Sleeping Giant Two-Step

I came across this two-step in both Seattle and New Hampshire. It was composed in 1961 by Manitoba fiddler Andy De Jarlis (1914-1975), a Métis fiddler who composed some 200 melodies. The melody appears in his "Andy De Jarlis’ Canadian Fiddle Tunes From the Red River Valley, Book 2" and is named after the Sleeping Giant peninsula, north of Thunder Bay, Ontario—which has the appearance of a sleeping giant.