Carter MacKenzie’s reel

By Kevin Chaisson

Also known as Carter MacKenzie.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carter MacKenzie's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
F|"A"EAAE A2 AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"Bm"FB{c}BA B2 Bc|d/c/B c/B/A BFFA|
"A"EAAE A2 AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"D"{A/B/c/}d2 fd "A"ceaf|"E7"ecdB "A"cAA:|
B|"A"Aa{b}ag a2 ed|cAAc "E7"dBcA|"Bm"FB{c}BA B2 Bc|d/c/B c/B/A BFFB|
"A"Aa{b}ag a2 ed|cAAc "E7"dBcA|"D"{A/B/c/}d2 fd "A"ceaf|"E7"ecdB "A"cAAB|
"A"Aa{b}ag a2 ed|cAAc "E7"dBcA|"Bm"FB{c}BA B2 Bc|d/c/B c/B/A BFFA|
"A"EAAE A2 AB|ceaf "E"ecBA|"D"{A/B/c/}d2 fd "A"ceaf|"E7"ecdB "A"cAA||
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Carter MacKenzie’s

One of my favourite reels, this one hails for PEI, composed by Kevin Chaisson. The Chaisson family has ties with the Beatons of Mabou, Cape Breton, going back to the days of Donald Angus Beaton. It’s quite popular in Cape Breton and has been recorded by Andrea Beaton and a few others. There is a pattern in this tune, and such patterns in these the longer reels…which I call eight-bar reels…are quite common in Cape Breton music, especially that of fiddler-composers like Kinnon Beaton. Enjoy.

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Carter MacKenzie’s reel

Meet Kevin Chaisson today and for the first time put a name to this reel. Thanks for posting the abc file and midi!