Rock That Cradle, Lucy polka

Also known as Rock That Cradle Lucy, Rock The Cradle Lucy, Rock The Cradle, Lucy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rock That Cradle, Lucy
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
=f | "D" f/a/f/e/ dB | "A" c(e e>)e | "G" g/a/g/e/ "A7" Bc | "D" d>e d=f |
"D" f/a/f/e/ dB | "A" c(e e2)| "G" g/a/g/e/ "A7" Bc | "D" d>d dB |]
"D" A[df] [d/f/]d/[d/f/]d/ | "D" A[df] [d/f/][d/f/][d/f/][d/f/] | "A" A[ce] [c/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] | "A" A[ce] [c/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/]|
"D" A[df] [d/f/]d/[d/f/]d/ | "D" A[df] [d/f/][d/f/][d/f/][d/f/] | "G" g/f/e/c/ "A" Ac | "D" d>e d|]

Three comments

Rock That Cradle. Lucy

American old-timey breakdown, originating in Georgia I believe.

Rock That Cradle, Lucy

The lyrics that are often sung to the first eight bars of the tune.

1) Rock that cradle, Lucy,
Rock that cradle long;
Rock that cradle Lucy.
Keep that baby warm.

2) Rock that baby, Lucy,
Rock that baby spry (or high);
Rock that baby, Lucy,
Don’t let that baby cry.

3) Rock that cradle Lucy,
Rock it Lucy Long,
Rock that cradle Lucy,
Keep that baby warm.