Flippen three-two

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One setting

X: 1
T: Flippen
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:edcB AEAB cdec|A^cec Adfd e4|e3dc2c2g4|
f2fga2afg2ee|edcB AEAB cdec|A^cec Adfd e4|
ecAE CEB,E A,EAc|1 B2A^GA4z4:|2 B2A^GA4z2ef|:g2g2f2f2e2e2|
^c2c2B2B2A2A2|E^CA,C ECA,CD2D2|G,4agfgb2b2|agede4zdef|
g2g2f2f2e2e2|^c2c2B2B2A2A2|E^CA,C ECA,CD2D2|
G,4agfe ed^cB|1 ^c2A2a4zdef:|2 ^c2A2a8]|

Two comments


I heard this first played by the Swedish band Väsen, and have since been blown away by Punch Brother’s cover of it, I like it because of the ambiguity between A major/minor and dorian that it goes through, with all sorts of fun chromaticism.
There’s a good harmony line to the crotchets in the b part:
AB|c2c2d2d2c2c2|A2A2G2G2^F2^F2| each time that passage comes up, it can be played on one instrument, popping into third position for a bit on the first notes of the second bar for all you standard tuned fiddle and mandolin players (or the dreaded fourth finger!)