The Canadian Club jig

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X: 1
T: The Canadian Club
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
AB|"A"{B}c3 cBA|{D}E3 EAB|"A"{B}c3 cBA|{c}[e3e3] {ef}[e2e2] c|
"D"dfd "Bm"{e}dcB|"A"cec {d}cBA|"E"BcB [g2B2] f|"E7"efd cdB|
"A"{B}c3 cBA|{D}E3 EAB|"A"{B}c3 cBA|{c}[e3e3] {ef}[e2e2] c|
"D"dfd "Bm"{e}dcB|"A"caf ecA|"E"BcB EFG|"A"{G}[A3A3] [AA]||
|:a=g|"D"faf dfa|"A"ecA ecA|"E"BcB EFG|"A"AEA cBA|
"D"fdf {b}agf|"A"eae ecA|"E"BcB EFG|"A"{G}[A3A3] [AA]:|
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The Canadian Club

Written by F. Farrell. Played down in Cape Breton. Lots of fun to add drones and double-stops throughout, especially doing {[=GD]}[E3A3] in bar two. Buddy MacMaster, the "King of Jigs" plays this tune. I know little other than that.

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