Ide’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ide's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|: "A"E2cA "D"dAcA| "A"E2cA "E"BAFA |"A"E2cA "D"dAcd | "E7"ecBc "A"A4 |
"A"E2cA "D"dAcA| "A"E2cA "E"BAFA |"A"E2cA "D"dAcd | "E7"ecBc "A"A4 :|
|: "A"e2ee "D"fga2| "A"eAcA "E"BAFA |"A"e2ee "D"f2a2 | "E7"ecBc "A"A4 |
"A"e2ee "D"fga2| "A"eAcA "E"BAFA |"A"E2cA "D"dAc2 | "E7"ecBc "A"A4 :|
|: "A"eAA/A/A "D"fAA/A/A| "A"eAcA "E"BAFA |"A"eee/e/e "D"ffa2| "E7"ecBc "A"A4 |
"A"eAA/A/A "D"fAA/A/A| "A"E2cA "E"BAFA |"A"E2cA "D"dAcd | "E7"ecBc "A"A4 :|

One comment


I’ve posted this tune in memory of Con Durham who passed in the summer of 2012. Though Con was a great piper, he played this tune on whistle with Mazz O’Flaherty on guitar on their album "An Ar Sli’". The transcription posted here is a loose interpretation as I hear it for banjo but Con himself probably never played this the same way twice. As Mazz related, Con played this for Ide’s first communion and Ide played it for a memorial concert in Dingle for Con’s family last year. I promised Mazz I would play it every week until I couldn’t play anymore but I never play it at sessions.

As a reel, it’s rather slow. Con played it at just over 80 bpm (if you count it off in cut time.) It almost has a "hornpipey" (or barndance,) feel if you add a little swing to it. It easily accepts ornamentation. I hope you enjoy it.