Young Jane waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Young Jane
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|"G" G3 A B2|"D7" A2 B2 d2|"C" e4 e2|"G" d3 B A2|
"G" G3 A B2|"Am" A4 G2|"Am" E6|"D7" D4 EF|
"G" G3 A B2|"D7" A2 B2 d2|"C" e4 e2|"G" d4 e2|
"G" G3 A B2|"D7" A4 G2|"G" G6-|"G" G4 Bc||
"G" d2 B2 d2|"G" g3 f g2|"C" e4 e2|"D7" A4 B2|
"Am" c3 d e2|"G" d2 B2 A2|"G" G6|"D7" F4 (3DEF|
"G" G3 A B2|"D7" A2 B2 d2|"C" e4 e2|"G" d4 g2|
"G" G3 A B2|"D7" A4 G2|"G" G6-|"G" G4||

Six comments

Young Jane

My transcription is taken directly from the handwritten tunebook of the late Hugh Blake (box player).

I’ve included Hugh’s chord settings in my transcription.

Please tell us more!? I know this but am only managing to increase the wrinkles in my forehead trying to remember from where. 😏 😀 Tell us something about your source, musician and tunebook?

@Ceol: Hugh Blake - great character - sometimes controversial! Designed a new fingering system for 3-row melodeon and had one built to his specification. In his lifetime, he played in several celidh bands - including ours, for about five years. He ceased playing with us when he moved away from Bristol and died a few years after that:

Obituary here:

Hugh maintained a large handwritten collection of tunes - of which this is one. I’m afraid I’ve no idea of Hugh’s source of this particular tune, though I think it may be English in origin.

Thanks, a nice addition, appreciated… I’m sure you have tales to tell, but maybe not ones that could be given a public airing, the source for this being, as you’ve said, “sometimes controversial”.

Did you happen to score that particular issue of “Concertina World”? ~ the one with the obituaries. I’m fond of the obit program on BBC radio 4, where it offers accounts of quite a bit of the life of the individual covered, with interviews with people who knew them. The current program is called “Last Word”… It is always welcome to know something of the life and times of others, especially ‘characters’, including their trials and tribulations, as too the life of tunes…

Young Jane

‘c’, I’m pretty sure this is one of Peter Kennedy’s Fiddler’s Tune Books, perhaps you saw it there.