Reel De Montreal reel

Also known as G D, Reel De Montréal, Reel De Sherbrooke, Reel Des Jeunes Maries, Reel Montreal, Sherbrooke, The Sherbrooke.

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A fine French-Canadian tune that is played in my session.
We usually play it after Spootiskerry.

Sheet music for this one?

could you please post this in sheetmusic form in the near future?? Thanks

Farq -- all the abcs are converted into gif format as Jeremy has the time!


Alright Zina there’s no need to use the F-word 🙂

Hey I know this tune!
I was just about to post it myself, when I saw that it’s here already.

Oh my god!!!

oh my god i absolutley LOVE this tune!!!!its so quirky and the second part is fab!!!i taught this to quite a lot of my students and they too have fallen in love with it!!!!:L

Reel de Montreal

The first part of this tune is identical, give or take a note or two, to a hornpipe I play called The Donegal Hornpipe. I learnt it in the fifties So what’s new?

Le Reel de Sherbrooke -- one of the other names

I do know this tune as “Reel de Sherbrooke” -- it is such a great one as well. But there is another fine tune called “Glise de Sherbrooke” (that is also often called “Reel de Sherbooke”). I believe they are two different as I play both of them -- here is a link to what I call the “Glise” but here named the “Reel” by Mr. Jody Kruskal (certainly he is much more knowledgeable than I but still there is plenty of evidence of the name confusion)

Also here is a video of me trying to play Glise:

Just stumbled across this on the 422 album Go Forth as part of “The Gaspe Set”. Much more strongly ornamented than this version, but a cracking version nonetheless.

Reel de Montreal

Surely the tune on 422 album is a different tune?

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Navvy on the Line

Reel de Montreal is very similar to the version of Navvy on the Line or The Clog Hornpipe which is very frequently played in English sessions. It’s a bit different from the tune called Navvy on the Line at, which is played in Irish sessions and goes a lot faster.

X: 1
T: Navvy on the Line
O: Trad
R: hornpipe
Z: 2007 John Chambers <>
S: The Ralph Page Book of Contras, 1969, EFDSS
M: C|
L: 1/8
F: 2015-06-17 163105 UT
K: G
Bc | “G”dgfe dcBA | “G”GBDG B2AG | “D”FADF A2GF | “G”GDEF GABc | “G”dgfe dcBA |
| “G”GBDG B2AG | “Am”FGAB “D7”cdef | “G”g2g2 g2 :: AG | “D”FADF | A2GF | “G”GBdG B2AG |
| “D”FADF A2GF | “G”GDEF GABc | “G”dgfe dcBA | “G”GBDG B2AG | “Am”FGAB “D7”cdef | “G”g2g2 g2 :|

The Sherbrooke Reel, X:2

Some cool variations for a second/third pass of this reel.

A few more that would work:
- 8th bar of A Part could be “g2 gb g2 d2”,
- 8th bar of the B Part could be “e2 d2 d4”,
- the 8th bar in the first repeat of the B Part could have the B-triplet removed, with it absorbed into the “d2” or become a “B2” with a slide onto it,
- the sequence of triplets on the “a2 g2 e2” in the 3rd bar of the B Part could have instead been in the 7th bar of the B Part,
- the “f2 d2” in the 4th bar of the B Part could be simply “f4” for a nice long pause/breathe,
- the runs from A to d, i.e., “(3A/B/c/d”, in the 5th bar of the B Part could have also been in the 1st bar of the B Part,
- and other variations which go to lower notes than us high-D whistles can reach.

Have spread the variations out in a way that should make this take on the tune stand on its’ own + still capture the feeling of the original piece.

Re: Reel De Montreal

**and other alternatives which go to lower notes (that us high-D whistlers cannot reach).

Re: Reel De Montreal

Glise a Sherbrooke or Sherbrooke Reel and Jeunes Maries are 2 different French Canadian reels. Sherbrooke was recorded many years ago and broke all records, selling a million copies.
In a set, best to play Montreal first followed by Sherbrooke or Maries or Gaspe. Montreal is pretty notie and one can set the tempo with it. The others are less notie and can be played faster so if you play them first you will hit Montreal at breakneck speed.
Sylvia Miskoe, Concord NH USA

Re: Reel De Montreal

I think you’re referring to:

I’ve heard many recordings of Reel de Montreal labelled as The Sherbrooke Reel. And the Canadians I’ve run into who know this one, know it as Sherbrooke. So I’m guessing maybe at one point it was simply Montreal, and gained new names in some regions over time?