Two recordings of
Reel De Montreal
Pointe Au Pic

Reel De Montreal (reel) is also known as G D, Reel De Montréal, Reel De Sherbrooke, Reel Des Jeunes Maries, Reel Montreal, Sherbrooke, The Sherbrooke.

Pointe Au Pic (reel) is also known as Le Reel De Pointe-au Pic, Point Au Pic, Pointe A Pique, Pointe-Au-Pic, Reel A Pointe-Au-Pic, Reel De Pointe-au-Pic.

Plums in the Cooler by Patti Lamoureux

  1. Pointe Au Pic
  2. Sherbrooke

Super Tonic by Elixir

  1. Reel De Montreal
  2. Pointe A Pique