Lamachree And Megrum waltz

Also known as Lanachree And Megrum.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lamachree And Megrum
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
A,/D6|D4 E2|D E5|A6|G A5|D4 E2|D C5|A,4 A,2|
G,4 A,2|C4 D2|E G4|E/D6|A,6|C4 E2|D6|D6:|

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Lanachree And Megrum

This is a Scottish air hearable on the John and Phil Cunningham LP "Against The Storm".
Johnny and Phil says <<This is a simple but beautiful air given to us by Owen Hand, a friend from Edinburgh.>>

Its a song - ie, with words - and the title is "The Mains O’ Culsh". "Lamachree and Megrum" [ not "Lanachree, which is wrong ] is the refrain which comes after the first line of each verse. Source = "The Scottish Folksinger", by Norman Buchan and Peter Hall [ whom I heard sing it many times with Aberdeen trio, "The Gaugers". Pg 30.

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La’n’achree v La’m’achree

Unfortunately on the album they too have the spelling with an ‘n’… :-/

thank you!

oh thank you so much! I’m so so curious of the origin of the tunes but the only information that I found is the cunningham record and their comment, it’s a really rare tune, thank you!

"Its a song - ie, with words - and the title is "The Mains O’ Culsh"."

"The Mains o’ Culsh" is but one version of the bothy ballad (Greig has several including "The Mains"). Some don’t mention the Mains at all.
They do all seem to mention places around north eastern Aberdeenshire (Buchan), however. "Lamachree and Megrum" seems to be the definitive title. Some suggest that these are the names of work horses :- Megrum being an "auld grey".

When first I gaed to sair the fremt,
Lamachree and Megrum,
It was to Auchtiedoor I skeemt
Auld grey Megrum.

I gaed ance to Middletack,
Lamachree and Megrum,
There I got meat to make me fat.
Auld grey Megrum.

The Auld gude-wife smokes in the neuk,
Lamachree and Megrum,
A-orderin’ at the throwither cook.
Auld grey Megrum.

The neist I gaed to Middlethird,
Lamachree and Megrum,
A better’s nae abune the yird.
Auld grey Megrum.

I there got buttered breid and cheese,
Lamachree and Megrum,
And oil to keep my sheen in grease.
Auld grey Megrum.

I took a turn at Yokie’s hill,
Lamachree and Megrum,
The teuchest place I e’er gaed till.
Auld grey Megrum.

A hurb to hash and haick the loons,
Lamachree and Megrum,
There’s nae his like in Buchan’s boun’s.
Auld grey Megrum.