Two recordings of
The Boys Of Ballinahinch
The Mourne Mountains

The Boys Of Ballinahinch (reel) is also known as The Blackberry Blossom, The Boys Of Baile Na HÍnse, The Boys Of Ballynahinch, The Humours Of Ballinahinch, Malynn’s Fancy, Mullen’s Fancy, Mullin’s Fancy, Mullins Fancy, The Rising Sun, Seannie Davey’s, The Strawberry Blossom.

The Mourne Mountains (reel) is also known as Sliebte Mugdorna, Tom Ward’s Downfall.

Gentle Breeze by Various Artists

  1. The Humours Of Ballinahinch
  2. The Mourne Mountains

Warming Up by Martin Mulhaire, Séamus Connolly And Jack Coen

  1. The Boys Of Ballinahinch
  2. The Mourne Mountains