Muistoja Karpaateilta waltz

Also known as Memories Of The Carpathians.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Muistoja Karpaateilta
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E2|c4 B2|A2 F3 D|E6|z2 C2 D2|E2 A2 c2|d2 c3 B|c6|A4 E2|
c4 B2|A2 F2 D2|E6|z2 D2 C2|B,4 D2|C4 B,2|1 A,6-|A,2 z2:|2 A,6|
|:z2 A,B, CD|E4 E2|A4 F2|E6|z2 FE DC|B,4 D2|B,2 ED CB,|A,4 C2|
A,2 A,B, CD|E4 E2|A4 F2|E6|z2 FE DC|B,4 D2|D2 ED CB,|1 A,6:|2 A,6-|A,2 z2 z2|
|:"Usually played an octave below"A,6|C6|E6-|E2 D2 C2|B,6-|B,2 C2 B,2|A,6|E,6|
A,6|C6|E6-|E2 D2 C2|B,4 D2|C4 B,2|A,4 E,2|1 A,6:|2 A,2 z2||

One comment

Muistoja Karpaateilta

Submitted here to clear up some misinformation. This is the “real” Muistoja Karpaateilta (Memories of the Carpathians). A traditional waltz from Finland. It is nothing to do with the waltz/song “Emma”.

There are many recordings. Different keys and variations. Even some words floating around.