The Landlord’s Walk reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Landlord's Walk
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:~A3B c~B3|ceec e~A3|~A3a feef|ecce ~c2Bc|
~A3B c~B3|ceec e~A3|~A3a feef|eBBc ~A4:|
|:ceec ~e2Ac|ceec e~A3|~A3a feef|ecce ~c2B2|
ceec ~e2Ac|ceec e~A3|~A3a feef|eBBc ~A4:|
|:~A3B c~B3|ceec e~A3|~A3B c~B3|caaA ~c2Bc|
~A3B c~B3|ceec e~A3|~A3a feef|eBBc ~A4:|
|:~A3a feef|e~c3 e~A3|~A3a feef|ecce ~c2Bc|
~A3a feef|e~c3 e~A3|~A3a feef|eBBc ~A4:|

Seven comments

Then why not wait and post the whole tune, and not just 3/4 of it ?

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Why not wait?

Its a fair question.

1. I’m dealing with a spinal chord injury which has left my hands half paralyzed - no joke.
I figured I better put in what I have because I might not be able to tomorrow - again, no joke.

2. I hoped some other industrious person might provide the 4th part - I guess I should have said that.

Very sorry to hear that, “zoronic”. I’m sure we all wish you a full and speedy recovery. Kenny

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Hope you recover soon

Hope you recover soon, man. I often have nightmares of me loosing the ability to use my hands. I hope you get better and can use your hands again, man.

Also– is that your playing in the second clip? the fiddle and whistle? because that is seriously some beautiful playing. Are you playing the whistle? I really love the build-up and where the fiddle comes in. Beautiful 🙂

Thanks, and not me

Thanks for the good wishes, and no it not me playing =- especially not now, though whistle is the only thing close to working right now. I think I’ve got the last part now.