Callaghan’s hornpipe

Also known as Cornphíopa Uí Cheallacháin, O’ Callaghan’s, O’Callaghan’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Callaghan's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bd|efgf eABA|GABd dBGE|DEGA BABd|(3efg fg edBd|
~g2 fg edBd|geaf gfed|~B2 GB (3ABA FA|~G2 GF G2:||
fg|afge dega|bBBA G2 fg|afge dega|
beed e2 eg|(3faf df gfeg|1 (3faf (3def gfef|(3gab af gfed|
(3Bcd ed e2:|2 (3faf (3def gfed|~B2 GB (3ABA FA|~G2 GF G2||

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Callahan’s hornpipe

I’m looking for a recording of this hornpipe (the only one I know is that of Stefan Grosman) , maybe it has another name ?

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Re: Callahan’s hornpipe

You’ll find a recording by Padraig O’Keefe on The Rushy Mountain - Classic Music from Sliabh Luachre compilation CD, he plays it wwith The Rights of Man.
There is also a great version of Callaghan’s Reel on there, played by Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford…

Re: Callahan’s hornpipe

I just remember an amazing Sligo whistle player Carmel Gunning recorded a tune called Callaghan’s in her "Aroudn St. James’ Well," which seems the same as the one played by Padraig O’Keefe. This one is not posted here yet.

This is one of those hornpipes that would probably sound more exciting as a reel with a couple of minor changes here and there.

Callaghan’s Hornpipe

Jackie Daly did a nice version on Anglo concertina on hs first solo LP on Topic in 1977. It’s in G

Different tune…..

Jackie Daly certainly recorded a "Callaghan’s" hornpipe on concertina, but it wasn’t this one.

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