The Humours Of Ranelagh jig

Also known as The Humors Of Ranelagh.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Humours Of Ranelagh
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGG BGG|Bdg edB|DFF AFF|fed cAF|
DGG BGG|Bdg ede|def gdB|cAF ~G3:|
|:~g3 Bdg|Bdg ~g3|~f3 ~a3|fed cAF|
DGG DAA|B/c/dg ~e3|def gdB|cAF ~G3:|
X: 2
T: The Humours Of Ranelagh
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:E|DGG BGG|Bdg edB|D2 F AFF|fed cAF|
DGG BG/G/G|B/c/dg e2 d|dd/e/f gdB|1 cAF G2:|2 cAF G||
|:B/c/d|gbg Bdg|Bdg gfg|f/g/af a^ga|fed cAF|
[1 g2 g B/c/dg|bdg gbg|fd/e/f a^ga|fdc A:|
[2 D2 G DAA|B/c/dg e^de|def gdB|cAF G2||

Twenty comments

Lovely tune! It could be turned into a nice reel, too.

Go on Hiro, you know you want to do it. 😉

I liked the composer’s original title ~ “An Untitled G Major Jig”… That seems a reasonable response to “What tune is that?”, though I’d be tempted to call it “Colman’s Mustard”. 😀

Considering how the discussion on the main board has turned to legal matters, I wonder would that title infringe on the intellectual property rights of a certain mustard producer?…

Nice one Pat, and yes, I did enjoy your tune, in its original state and the many places it took me, including 1st and 2nd endings. It’s been fun…

Appreciated! 😉 But what about a name? Any ideas?

Well I did just have an epic weekend of shenanigans in and around Ranelagh on the south side of Dublin… “The Shenanigans in Ranelagh”? “The Humours of Ranelagh”? “Ag ragairne i Raghnallach?”….

Ranelagh, oh Ranelagh, how well I knew Ranelagh… Was there anything happening in your life when this tune came to you? Is there a date it popped into your life? I bet Ranelagh has changed a hell of a lot since I was there. There used to be a stretch of the canal there that was very entertaining, some interesting dress sense among various ‘people of the night’.

I lived in Rathmines and worked in Ranelagh, but often also walked through either to or from a session or concert, and new some musicians that had a house there just off the canal.

‘knew some musicians’ not ‘new’… 😏 A lazy right middle finger?

I don’t recall anything in particular happening when it popped into my head, but it was most likely when I had a major assignment due for college (I’m a night student in my “free” time) and was looking for anything to do other than my assignment. I also get creative right before exams!

X: 2 “An Untitled G Major Jig” ~ C: Colman O’Brien

😀 I love it! Sounds like a title I should be in search of a melody for, if it weren’t for the problem of procrastination.

Pat/Colman ~ it’s up to you, and there’s no rush. It isn’t like there’s any shortage of the un-named. You could always resort to numbering. “Colman’s #?” It’s just a shame that a fun tune like this doesn’t have a bit more identity than just ‘gan ainm’. I rather liked “An Untitled G Major Jig”, but if you went for that you’d have to let Jeremy, our webmaster, know that was your intention. I don’t know if I ever added them here but I’ve a few inconsiderate and rude titles for some of my inspirations, one being “None of Your Damned Business”, which is softer than some other considerations. I’m not even sure if it was my idea or not. It may have risen out of a slagging match between musicians/friends, looking for potential tune titles. I know one I passed up was merely “F-k Off!” And there are some titles my wife doesn’t like. Another friend was upset that a melody of mine she thought was sweet and that she was fond of was called “Eyebrow Plucking”… 😉 Sometimes a softer alternate title is called for, such as “The Choice Wife”…

I’ll save the title “Colman’s #2” for a tune that’s really sh!t…

“An Untitled G Major Reel”

It goes like this:

K: Gmaj
|:DG~G2 BG~G2|Bdgd edBG|DF~F2 AF~F2|fedB cAFA|
DG~G2 BG~G2|Bdgd edBd|edef gedB|1 cAFA G3E:|2 cAFA G2Bd||
~g3d Bdgd|Bdgd ~g3e|~f3g ~a3g|fedB cAFA|
~g3d Bdgd|Bdgd edBd|edef gedB|cAFA G2Bd|
~g3d Bdgd|Bdgd ~g3e|~f3g ~a3g|fedB cAFA|
DG~G2 DA~A2|B/c/d gd edBd|edef gedB|cAFA G3E||

Slainte, I like your reel version!

Nice one Hiro. You should add it, but be sure to add a link back to your inspirations, Pat & his tune. I’ll have to give the reel a bit more time, but on first playing it I’m smiling. I enjoyed it too, as I did Pat’s jig… But, pleeeasse ~ give it a name, even if it is as I’d suggested above. 😀

Damn you’re old Pat… I’d love to chat with you about the late 1700s.

You’ve made work for me now. I’ll have to see if I can find the dance description. And, as it’s the 1700s, there will also be a tune by that name too. 😀

Nope! It’s not that kind of dance. Here’s an extract, roughed out from what I could make of the newspaper:

Publication: General Advertiser
Location: London, Middlesex
Issue Date: Monday, June 27, 1746

At the NEW WELLS, near ’London-Spaw, Clerkenwell, this and every Evening (during the Summer Season) will be presented Variety of New Performances; consisting of
__Rope-Dancing by Madem. Reverant; also Rope-Dancing and Tumbling by Mr. Janno, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Hough, and others. Singing by Miss Lincoln, Miss Vaux, Mr. Cartwright, and Mr. BATT PLATT, the original MAD TOM, who (by Desire) will sing a Song in two Voices, call’d ‘Charon and Philomel’. Several Dances (Serious and Comic) particularly a new Dance in Grotesque Characters call’d The HUMOURS of RANELAGH, or, ‘The Merry Masqueraders’. Pandour, Mr. Granier, jun. Courtezan, Miss Granier; Pantaloon and Wife, Mr. Granier, sen. and Mrs. Rayner; Harlequin, Mr. Waters; Harlequine, Mrs. Duncalfe; Dutchman and Frow by Mr. Osbeldiston and Mrs. Luffkin; Scaramouch and his Wife, Mess. Janno and Mr. Rayner; Punch and his Wife, Master J. Granier and Master Hulett. The Dance Entirely New Dress’d.
With a New Entertainment of Musick, call’d
Or, CORAGE and LIBERTY. ~ etc.

Love it! 😉