Hugh Kelly jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hugh Kelly
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2D D2E|F2G A2F|A2B c2d|e2d cBA|fgf {f}e2d|d2c B2A|
B2c d2B|{B}A2G F2E|D2d ded|{c}d2zz2D|D2D D2E|F2G A2F|
A2B c2d|e2d cBA|f2f e2d|d2c B2A|B2c d2B|{B}A2G F2E|
D2zd2z|D2zd2z|f2e e2d|d2c {c}B2A|B2c d2B|A2G F2E|
D2d ded|d2zz3|D2d d2z|D2d d2z|f2e e2d|d2c {c}B2A|
B2c d2B|A2G F2E|D2d dec|d3z3||

Three comments

Hugh Kelly (O’Carolan)

By the master himself. What more can be usefully said?

I searched and was surprised to find it’s not already in the database.


Well done Jim fantastic tune.

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Hugh Kelly (O’Carolan)

Jim Quail said, “What more can be usefully said?”

Well, since you asked…

What I find a terrific boon
Is to tell us where you got the tune;
A book, a record, a ceilidh, a friend?
Down at your session, the latest trend?
Perhaps from your uncle, your dad, your mum,
At whose knees such gems did come?
The more information that you can give,
The more the tune begins to live
And breathe, and be part of the tradition,
The more to be of use to us musicians.