The Skate hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Skate
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
FE|DFBd ceAc|Bbag ^fgec|f=e_ec AF=EF|DFBd c2FE|
DFBd ceAc|Bbag ^fgec|f=e_ec AFGA|B2 d2B2:|:(gf)|
(f=e)(_ec) A2 (gf)|(fd)(BF) D2 (gf)|(f=e)(_ec) AFGA|Bcde =efgf|
(f=e)(_ec) A2 (gf)|(fd)(BF) D2 (gf)|(f=e)(_ec) AFGA|B2 d2 B2:|
F>E|D>FB>d f>dB>F|D>FB>d f2 (g>f)|(f=e)(_ec) A>gf>=e|f>dB>F D2 (F>E)|
D>FB>d f>dB>F|D>FB>d f2 (g>f)|(f=e)(_ec) A>gf>d|B2B2B2:|

Three comments

The Skate

Since I have been endeavoring to learn The Beeswing as played by Kathryn Tickell, I thought I should learn The Skate hornpipe as she plays the two as a set on her album, “On Kielder Side”. I couldn’t find the ABC for it, but I found the FARNE, Folk Archive North East website ( and a manuscript tune book from the mid 1800’s owned by one John Baty that had a neatly notated version of The Skate. The A and B parts are pretty much as Kathryn plays them, while the C part is mentioned as being “unique to this version.” The two tunes go together quite well. Enjoy!

Just to clarify, this tune is really in B-flat major, not C Dorian (as I am sure you are aware, Rob). The tune submission form does not offer B-flat as an option, but C Dorian has the same key signature.

Yes, CreadurMawnOrganig, I tried to put in B-flat, but was not offered that option, so I double checked all the rules of posting, and decided that it was going to have to be C Dorian. I also wanted to put in cut time (M:C|) since that is what the original scribe had written, but that didn’t seem to be an option either. Even with all my double and triple checking and playing, I noted when I played the piece this evening, I’d somehow snuck in a bad note in the first measure, so have edited the last note back to a “c” where it belongs. Hopefully, all it needs now is a bunch of practice sessions to get it down right.