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One setting

X: 1
T: At Liberty
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
Addc A2 (~c2|c) GAd cAGE|D2 (3EFG ABcA|de ~f3gab|
agge d2 (~g2|g) ede (3cde ag|~f3e dged|cAGE D3 c:|
Adde f2 (~g2|g) aba gede|~c3e a2 ~(c2|c) eag fdcA|
dcAG ~E3G|~c3d eaag|~f3e dged|cAGE D3 c:|
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At Liberty

Composed by Michael Mc Cague 2014. First tune on The Waylaid Man album.
Some attempt was made to capture a quirk of Tommie Potts’ of rolling over less predictable parts of a bar segment. Hopefully it slightly worked!

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If you give the tune with 4 beats per bar and 4 bars per line we migth be able to read it !

I prefer it this way because I can get the right sound off the rolls that go over the bar line 🙂
Just read those long segments as 2 bars which they are. That’s a better phrasing for them in my opinion anyway and ABC’s don’t allow for the roll that I want.

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I think Swisspiper is trying to tell you that it doesn’t show properly in staff notation as well as the notes not corresponding to the time signature..

Thanks Weejie. Appreciate that, but I understand that it’s not technically correct but I deliberately wrote it this way so people get a truer refection of the phrasing of the tune when listening to the MIDI and also when reading it.
I just don’t think 8 bar lines do the phrasing justice in this strange instance of a tune!

Thanks though for the comments both of you

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I’ve updated the setting to hopefully get the best of both worlds: the rolls should still carry over across the bar lines.

No worries Jeremy!

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That’s the way , aha aha I like it!

now now folks ;)

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Thanks to everyone for their help. These tunes are submitted as hopefully a nice snapshot of some of my compositions.
All other tunes will be put together in a tune companion book for “The Waylaid Man” CD which I hope to have available in the next year or so.

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Hi Michael,

This tune is perfectly composed and written in correct form on the stave. To Swisspiper I would say that each bar contains the correct number of notes in line with the time signature…Taking the dotted crotchets, quaver rests, and triplets, the number of notes in each bar equates to the equivalent of 8 quavers, which is musically correct.
Michael, I look forward to hearing the full CD… let me know when available…..congrats



At Liberty

Just to put it into context, Pat, Michael’s original setting had 16 quavers in the opening bar, which is musically incorrect, although he stated his reason for doing so.