The Gold Ring jig

Also known as An Fáinne Óir, Fáinne Óir Ort, The Gold Ring No 2.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: The Gold Ring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FE|:DB,A, DFA|~d3 ecA|~B3 AFD|{F}EDE FDB,|
~A,3 DFA|dfd ecA|B/c/dB AFE|1 FDC DFE:|2 FDC DdB||
|:AFA dfa|bgb afd|gbg faf|ede fdB|
~A3 dfa|bgb afd|B/c/dB AFA|1 Bdc dcB:|2 Bdc dfe||
|:dFF AFE|DFE DFA|~d3 {f}ede|fdB B2c|
{e}dFF AFE|DFE DFA|dfd ~e3|1 fdc dfe:|2 fdc dcB||
|:AFA ~d3|BAB dAF|DEF ~E3|FDB, B,dB|
AFA cd{e}d|~B3 dAF|DEF EDE|1 FDC DdB:|2 FDC D||
X: 2
T: The Gold Ring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DB,|:~A,3 DFA|dfd ecA|~B3 AFD|EGF EDB,|
~A,3 DFA|dfd ecA|B/c/dB AFA|1 Bdc d2B,:|2 Bdc d2B||
|:AFA dfa|bgb afd|~g3 ~f3|ede fdB|
AFA dfa|bgb afd|BGB AFA|1 Bdc d2B:|2 Bdc dfe||
|:dAF AFE|DB,A, DFA|~d3 ede|fdB B2c|
dAF AFE|EDC DFA|dcd e/f/gf|1 edc dfe:|2 edc d2B||
|:AFA dfd|~B3 dAF|DEF EDE|FDB, B,2B|
AFA dcd|~B3 dAF|DEF EDE|1 FDC D2B:|2 FDD D2B,||
X: 3
T: The Gold Ring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A3 DFA|d(3fed ecA|B/c/dB AFE|1 FDD DFE:|2 FDD DdB||
|:AFA dfa|bgb afd|gbg faf|ede fdB|
A3 d(3fga|bgb afd|B/c/dB AFA|1 Bdc dcB:|2 Bdc dfe||
|:dFF AFE|DFE DFA|d3 ede|fdB B2c|
dFF AFE|DFE DFA|dfd e3|1 fdc dfe:|2 fdc dcB||
AFA d2c|B3 dAF|DEF EDE|1 FDD DdB:|2 FDD D3||
# Added by JACKB .
X: 4
T: The Gold Ring
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,~A,2 DFA|d~d2 ecA|B~B2 AFD|EDE FDB,|
A,~A,2 DFA|dfd ecA|(3Bcd B AFA|1 Bdc dA,B,:|2 Bdc d2 B||
AFA dfa|bgb afd|g~g2 f~f2|ede fdB|
A~A2 dfa|bgb afd|(3Bcd B AFA|1 Bdc d2 B:|2 Bdc dfe||
dAF AFE|DB,A, DFA|d~d2 ede|fdB BAF|
dAF AFE|DB,A, DFA|dcd ede|1 fdc dfe:|2 fdc d2 B||
A~A2 d~d2|BAB dAF|DEF EDE|FDB, B, dB|
A~A2 d~d2|BAB dAF|DEF EDE|1 FDC D2 B:|2 FDC D2B,||

Twenty-one comments

Every time I’ve tried playing this at a session people have said they knew *of* it, but didn’t play it. Anyone go to a session where this D major “Gold Ring” gets played regularly??

Usually it’s played by only two or three people rather than the whole crew. I’ve never learned all the parts myself – I keep saying I’m going to. Perhaps I shall now.


Can anyone tell me what “ort” means in this case? Does it mean “on you” - like: “Gold Ring On You”? I was wondering because it’s different from the one in G, “An F

Never heard it played in a session yet, but I learned it from John Vesey’s son Joe, who teaches in the Philadelphia area.

This is quite a popular tune in London sessions. It is one of at least three distinct tunes called The Gold Ring. The other two are both piping tunes in G, one of them associated with Willie Clancy.


Would you be able to post the other one in G sometime (the one that’s not here already)? Is it the O’Neill’s version of the common one in G?

I know yet another “Gold Ring” in Amix. It can be found at Richard Robinson’s index.

Grainne Hambly, the harper from Belfast, has a wonderful version of this tune on her CD “Between the Showers.” I highly recommend this CD.

Dow, the “common” version I presume you refer to is already in The Session (, albeit not quite the setting I am used to. I will post my version in the comments section for that tune.

Yet another gold ring…

This is pretty similar to Dow’s version, but I heard Dezi Donnelly play this with Michael McGoldrick on The Full Set (it’s on youtube - in the second half of the first segment of the show)

X: 1
T:Gold Ring
DB,|: ~A,3 DFA|dfd ecA|~B3 AFD|EGF EDB,|~A,3 DFA|dfd ecA|B/2c/2dB AFA|
|1 Bdc d2B, :|2 Bdc d2B|: AFA dfa|bgb afd|~g3 ~f3|ede fdB|AFA dfa|
bgb afd|BGB AFA|1 Bdc d2B :|2 Bdc dfe|: dAF AFE|DB,A, DFA|~d3 ede|
fdB B2c|dAF AFE|EDC DFA|dcd e/2f/2gf|1edc dfe:|2edc d2B|: AFA dfd|

This is the GOld Ring that the Killfenora C. Band plays…not the other one.

“The Broken Gold Ring” ~ A reduction, which may not survive 😀

Submitted on August 6th 2012 by ceolachan.

Two parts, 3rd & 4th, as one tune, as played by Matt Cunningham and the family ceili band, regular visitors to these realms, Manchester in the Northwest of England…

Pathway to the well version

This is the version you’ll find on Matt Molloy and Arty Glynn’s Pathway to the Well Recording.

Piping Friendly Version

Back to a piping friendly version.

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The third and fourth parts of this tune appear as

‘Nimble Fingers’ in the book “Seán Ryan’s Dream” and it ties up with the link posted by ceolachan,


Cooley’s Gold Ring

This tune is sometimes referred to as Cooley’s Gold Ring, but Itrad militants will insist that it has to be played with the parts in a different order to earn that distinction. Cooley swapped the 2nd and third parts. As with most of these sorts of things people tend to like it best the way they first learned it. To me it’s really apples and oranges… both ways are great regardless. But be careful if you call it “Cooley’s Gold Ring” without playing the parts in Cooley’s preferred order… Itrad agents might be lurking.

Re: The Gold Ring

This is one of those tunes that should always be played in E flat! Just try it. It belongs in E flat

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