I Ain’t Never Heard No Horse Sing A Song slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: I Ain't Never Heard No Horse Sing A Song
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
dfd dcB A2 g | efd dcB ABG | EFD CGF E2F |1 GBc dfg e2f :|2 GBc dfg e2G ||
Bcd fge2 fc |d2G BcA (3AAA G | ABc def GAB | cdf gbg a2 G |
Bcd fge2 fc |d2G BcA (3AAA c | dbg afd dfg | gbb (3~aaa g gfe||
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I Ain’t Never Heard No Horse Sing A Song

Composed by Michael Mc Cague, 2014 and played by himself and Oisin Mac Diarmada (Teada) "The Waylaid Man" album. The title references a quote of Louis Armstrong in relation to his thoughts on music.

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It might be an idea to check the staff notation before final submission. This one is not rendering properly. There are too many bars to a line..

Not the first time. There are some good guides to ABC notation online, for example:
All four of your composition submissions have had multiple problems. There are also folk on site here that would be more than willing to help with it, and some have used ‘Discussions’ to get their submissions right before dropping them into the tune database…

Thanks guys! Yes, this is still a learning process for me and I’ve actually got good advice from that thread. I’m getting better though! Bear with me. Thanks all. Michael.

And most of all, I hope you enjoy the tunes. :)

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Thanks to everyone for their help. These tunes are submitted as hopefully a nice snapshot of some of my compositions.
All other tunes will be put together in a tune companion book for "The Waylaid Man" CD which I hope to have available in the next year or so.

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From the FAQ…

Can I submit my own compositions?

Well… The Session isn’t really intended for that. If you do post one of your own compositions, then you must do your “penance”, so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tune settings.

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I submit plenty of other very adequate submissions to plenty of discussions so I feel I do my "penance" (what is this? a catholic club?) quite well thank you.

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