Jackson’s polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Jackson's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fedc edcB|A2f2 d4|(3cec (3BcB (3GBG E2|(3BcB (3AdA (3FAF D2|
fedc edcB|A2f2 d4|(3cec (3BcB (3GBG (3EGE|Dd AF D2:|
|:(3AdA Bc defg|(3aba (3faf (3dfd A2|(3gag (3ege (3c cec A2|(3faf (3dfd (3AdA F2|
(3AdA Bc defg|(3aba (3faf (3dfd A2|(3gag (3ege (3cec (3AcA|dd'af d4:|
|:(3AdA F2 (3dfd A2|fgfe dcdf|g2 gf efge|fgfe (3dfd (3BdB|
(3AdA F2 (3dfd A2|fgfe dcdf|g2 gf efge|dd'af d4:|
Bc^cd edBd|b8|Bc^cd edBd|f8|AB^cd edcd|
a2 (a2 a3)g|f4 e3^d|e2d2^c2=c2|Bc^cd edBd|b8|
ggfg agfg|e8|(3ege ^de agfe|d2b2g3d|(3faf ed ^c=cBA|
GgdB G4||Bc^cd edBd|gdBd gdBd|Bc^cd edcd|
fdAd fdAd|AB^cd ed^cd|agfe gfed|fed^c ed^c=c|
dd^cd edBG|Bc^cd edBd|b8|ggfg agfg|e8|
efgf agfe|d2b2g3d|(3faf ed ^c=cBA|1 GgdB G4:|2 G2GG G4||
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X: 2
T: Jackson's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:fedc edcB|A2F2D3d|c2B2G2E2|B2A2F2D2|fedc edcB|A2F2D3d|
c2B2G2E2|d2f2d2z2:|:A2Bc defg|a2f2d3f|gagf e3g|fgfe d2z2|A2Bc defg|
a2f2d3f|g3f egfe|d2f2d2z3:|:A2Bc defg|a2f2 f3f|a2f2b2f2|a2g2gfg2|
A2Bc efga|g2e2 e3d|c3B Agfe|d2f2d2z2:|:
Bd^cd edcd|b6z2|Bd^cd edcd|f6z2|AcBc dcBc|a6zg|f4e3f|e2d2d2z2|
Bd^cd edcd|b6a2|g3fa2g2|e6z2|dgfg agfe|d2b2g4|f3e dcBA|G2B2G2z2:|:
(3ABA FA dAFB|(3ABA dA fAdA|gagf efge|fgfe dedB|
(3ABA FA dAFB|(3ABA FA fAFA|gagf egfe|d2f2d2z2:|
|:Bd^cd edcd|bd^cd edcd|Bd^cd edcd|fcAc fcAc|
AcBc ed^cd|agfe agfe|bagf agfe|gfed fedc|
Bd^cd edcd|b6a2|g2fg a2g2|e8|egfg agfe|d2b2g4|d2fe dcBA|G2B2G2z2:|
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Jackson’s Polka

Setting one from Jerry O‘Brien’s Accordion Instructor, this tune was recorded by his student Joe Derrane in the early 50s, around the time of the publication of the book; its contents may be viewed here: http://www.itma.ie/gd/digitallibrary/score/JOB_ACC1/ Setting two is from the manuscripts of James Morrison. I’ve set the last two parts as they appeared in the manuscript, but bear in mind that the penultimate part was labeled “6,” the final one “5” - thus perhaps they were meant to be played in the reverse order shown here. Curiously enough Jackson’s was recorded by a student of Morrison’s, box player Timmy Cronin, on a 1950s LP; but Cronin played the O’Brien/Derrane setting, not this one.

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