The Clan MacColl march

By John MacColl

Also known as The Clan MacColl.

There are 8 recordings of this tune.

The Clan MacColl has been added to 13 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Clan MacColl
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
e>d|c2d>B A<Ac<e|a2c>d e2d>c|d2G2 G>AB<e|d>cB>c d2e>d|
c2d>B A<Ac<e|a2c>d e2d>c|B<GB<d c<ef>e|{d}c2A2 A2:|
|:c>d|e2f>g a2g<e|g2a>f e2d>c|d2G2 G>AB<e|d>cB>c d2c>d|
e2c<A a2g<e|g2a>f e2d>c|B<GB<d c<ef>e|{d}c2A2 A2:|
|:e>c|A>AA>c A<eA>c|c<ac>d e2d>c|B<dc<e B<dG>B|B<gB>c d2e>c|
A>AA>c A<eA>c|c<ac>d e2d>c|B<GB<d c<ef>e|{d}c2A2 A2:|
c>d|e<ca>f e>Ac<e|e<ac>d e2d>c|B>dc<e d>GB<d|d<gB>c d2c>d|
e<ca>f e>Ac<e|g2a>f e2d>c|B<GB<d c<ef>e|{d}c2A2 A2c>d|
e<ca>f e>Ac<e|e<ac>d e2d>c|B>dc<e d>GB<d|d<gB>c d2c>d|
e>cd>B c<Ac<e|g2a>f e2d>c|B<GB<d c<ef>e|{d}c2A2 A2||

Five comments

The Clan MacColl, C:John MacColl

Not a strathspey, but a 2/4 pipe march composed by the great John MacColl (1860-1943) of Kentallen, Duror in Appin.
This is one of MacColl’s most well known marches, and was composed around 1934.
You can read about John MacColl here:

I’ve submitted it as a strathspey as it is more fitting than a polka!
You can convert the 4/4 setting to a 2/4 march by changing the M: field to 2/4 and the L: field to 1/16.

Why not put the 2/4 marches in this section, Solid? I didn’t know you had some stashed away (it would have saved me some time too!). If the comment about them not being strathspeys is made, they can be aired for the enjoyment of others.

Thats true and sorry about that, I’ve been thinking about your putting 2/4’s in the strathspey section and actually it makes good sense while we lack a dedicated 2/4 non polka or L: field 1/16, option.

Re: The Clan MacColl

crackin’ tune!