Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa waltz

Also known as Cailin Mo Rùinsa, Dearest My Own One, The Maid I Adore.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2-|E2 A2 B2|c6|B4 A2|B2 A2 F2|E6-|E4 c2|
d2 e2 f2|e6|c4 B2|A2 F2 A2|B6-|B4 e2|
e2 f2 e2|c6|B4 A2|B2 A2 F2|E6-|E4 c2|
d2 e2 f2|e6|c4 A2|B2 A2 F2|A6-|A4||
X: 2
T: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2 G2 A2|B6|A4 B2|A2 G2 E2|D6-|D4 B2|
c2 d2 e2|d6|B4 A2|G2 E2 G2|A6-|A4 d2|
d2 e2 d2|B6|A4 B2|A2 G2 E2|D6-|D4 B2|
c2 d2 e2|d6|B4 G2|A2 G2 E2|G6-|G4||
X: 3
T: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2-|D2 G2 A2|B6|A4 G2|A2 G2 E2|D6-|D4 B2|
c3d e2|d6|B4 A2|G2 E2 G2|A6-|A4 d2|
d3e d2|B6|A4 G2|A2 G2 E2|D6-|D4 B2|
c3d e2|d6|B4 G2|A2 G2 E2|G6-|G4 B2|
c3d e2|d6|g4 B2|A3G F2|G6-|G4||
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Cailin Mo Rùin-sa

I noticed that this "Gaelic waltz" wasn’t here, after commenting on the submission of "Mo Mhàthair".

A very well known tune and song, composed by the late Donald Ross, a Gàidhlig singer from Ullapool.
One to play for your granny. Note that the tune is hexatonic. There is no G. It could have been submitted in A mixolydian, and is playable on the Highland pipes. However, most box players I’ve heard would use the G# in harmony. It might be better to keep it sparse. Florence Wilson, the clarsach player who accompanied Donald Ross on his 1962 recording of the song, did use the G# note, but it wasn’t "in your face" like some box players might present it.

The words in Gàidhlig:

Cailin mo rùin-sa is leannan mo ghràidh,
Ainnir mo chridh-sa ‘s i cuspair mo dhàin.
Tha m’inntinn làn sòlais bhi tilleadh gun dàil,
Gu cailin mo rùin-sa is leannan mo gràidh.

B’òg chuir mi eòlas air leannan mo ghràidh,
‘S a rinn mise suas ri’sa ghleannan gu h-àrd;
A gnuis tha cho aoidheil, làn gean agus bàigh,
Is mise bhios cianail, mur faigh mi a làmh.

Gur tric sinn le chéile gabhail cuairt feadh an àit’,
‘S a falbh troimh na cluaintean gach bruachag is màgh;
Na h-eoin bheag le smudan a’ seinn dhuinn an dàn,
‘S toirt fàilte do’n mhaighdinn d’an d’thug mi mo ghràdh.

Bha mise làn aoibhneis nuair fhuair mi cheud phòg,
Bho’n chaileig ghrinn uasail tha aighearach òg.
‘S e mo mhiann is mo dhùrachd, cho fad ‘s bhios mi beò,
A bhi pòsd’ ris a’ ghruagaich tha suairc agus còir.

Ross translated the title as "The Maid I Adore", but there is an English version where the title is translated to "Dearest My Own One", the chorus being:

Dearest my own one, oh won’t you be mine,
Full of devotion, so modest and kind?
My heart’s full of longing and yearning for you;
Come close to me, darling, you know I’ll be true.

Anyway, enough of that. One to have under your belt if you are playing a dance in Achiltibuie.

Here is Donald himself from the 1962 recording:

Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa, X:2

This is the version that Sandy MacIntyre from Cape Breton included in the book he gave to his students. I’m pretty sure this is how Shelly Campbell played it for us at the Buddy School but I have to find the recording to check.

I love this tune for it’s simplicity and often change the key around to teach it to my students. It’s nice to start in once key and then change as well.

Re: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa

Any ideas where i might get a copy of Sandy MacIntyre`s book.Thank You

Posted by .

Re: Sandy’s book

Well, from Sandy himself in Toronto, Ontario. I’m not sure of how much he teaches now but there is a group class that he’s part of.

Mel Bay has published a book of his sets

It includes a good portion of what is in the compilation book that I have.

Re: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa

I think I once saw Sandy’s book (spiral bound with white cover) for sale in the shop at the Gaelic College at St Ann’s (that’s maybe where I got my copy) but I doubt it’s on sale widely as there are copyright issues, with large chunks photocopied from Kerr’s, amongst other collections. But it gives a pretty good cross-section of the (mostly old) repertoire as it was in Cape Breton fifteen years ago. There are a number of modern tunes as well, including, rather amusingly, "The Ferret" by one Andy Renwick.

Re: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa

It’s the first tune in one of our "Gaelic Waltz" sets, followed by "Leaving Barra" then "Morag of Dunvegan". For dancing, we would use the 4- line version, as in X1 and X2. X3 has an extra line, which I guess could be used to repeat the last line in the song version.

Re: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa

I can only assume that 5 line version is a mistake. This sing is one of the most popular here and I’ve never heard that last line repeated.

Re: Cailin Mo Rùin-Sa

Nor me, bogman: just trying to think of a reason why it might be there!