The Secret Of Roan Inish Theme waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Secret Of Roan Inish Theme
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
{A}B3GA F|-F5|-F5|{A}B3GA F|-F5|{F}G5-|G5|A3 FG E-|E5-|E5|
A3 FG E-|E5-|E5|F5|~E5|D5-|D5-|D5|
{A}B3GA F|-F5|-F5|{A}B3GA F|-F5|{F}G5-|G5|
A3 F2G|E5-|E5|G3AB2|{G}A5|
{A}B3GA F|-F5|-F5|G5|-G5|G5|AB {G}A4|
G5|d5|cB G4|DG A4|GF G4|E2 e4|dc G4|AB A4|
GF G4|c5|de d4|A5|B5|B2A2G2|G5|E5|D5|
G5|d5|cB G4|DG A4|GA B4|{G}A5|GF G4|F5|D2|F5|E5-|E5||

Four comments

Nice job Cláre, I always come back to this film and its great soundtrack time and time again.

Thanks Cheeky Elf - I love the film too, enough to have a stab at using ABC notation for the first time! Very handy tool though.

MTGuru put this version on Chiff & Fipple. You might to check it out. He’s good at this stuff.
T:Roan Inish Theme, The
C:Mason Daring
S:The Secret of Roan Inish OST - Track 3
Z:MTGuru for C&F, 2012-08-25
"Freely"JB2G2A2||JF12-|HF6 (B2G2)A2|JF6 {F}JG6-|HG6 A2{E}JF2G2|
{D}JE12-|HE6 {G}J(A2F2G2)|J(E6 JF3E3|H{F=E}D6)|]
"In 4"J(B2G2)A2||JF12-|F6 JB2G2A2|J(F6 {GB}G6-|G6) (A2F2G2)|
JE12-|E6 {FB}G2A2B2|{GA/c/}JA12-|A6 {A}B2G2A2|
JF6- F3-(FG2)-|G6- G3 z2G|-G6- G2A2B2|H{GA/c/}JA12|]
JG3-GDz d3-dc{A}B|{GA}G3-GD2 {G}JA3 z(GF|JG3-GE2) Je3-edc|(G3-GAB) {GB}A3-A(GF|
JG3-G)z2 c3-c(de)|d3-d2(G {Ac}A6)|{Bc}B6 {A}J(B2{cB}A2G2)|G6 (E6|{F=E}D12)|
J(G3-GD2) d3-dcB|{GA}(G3-GDG) {A/c/}JA3 zGA|J{A}B6 {GA/c/}JA3-AGF|{B}(G3-G{AG}FD {E}JF2{BG}F E3-|HE12)|]