The Contented Farmer jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Contented Farmer
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: G>AG B2G| d2G B2G | D>ED F2D | A2D F2D |
G>AG B2G | d2G B2g | fed A2^c | d3 D3:|
|: d>ed b2d | dcB c3 | cdc a2c | cBA B3 |
G>AG B2G | d2B g2b |a2g fef | g3 G3 :|

Eight comments

Just filling one of the "gaps" in the recording that I submitted earlier today …

I quite like this one. It’s from the Thompson MS (1773).

The Contented Farmer


The Contented Farmer

The "1 recording of a tune by this name". I think Mix is very brave posting E*****h tunes here, please don’t frighten him off 😉

The Contented Farmer

Me? Frighten people off? Listen, David50, you jumped up pipsqueak! Grrrrrrr…. Anyway, I hope Mix detects the tongue in my cheek. What about you? Where do you live, how are you getting on with your instrument?

In two years there will be "10 recordings of a tune by this name" and we’ll be left having to track down which recording it is. In fact it’s ‘Orlando’s Return’ by the wonderful John Kilpatrick.

The Contented Farmer

Ah sorry, I forgot that in a year we will only have "one year ago" to go off. I nearly commented that for, the cost of hearing a few adverts, much of JK’s back catalogue can be heard here:

But that recording is not among them, so I didn’t.

"In fact it’s ‘Orlando’s Return’ by the wonderful John Kilpatrick. "

Kilpatrick? Isn’t that getting a bit cryptic, in a Celtic kind of way?

The Contented Farmer/John Kilpatrick

I remember reading that both John KiRKpatrick’s and Richard Thompson’s grandfathers moved to London from Scotland when the Metropolitan police were doing a recruiting drive. But I’m relying on memory, which ain’t what it used to be.