One recording of
Soldier’s Joy
Marie’s Wedding

Soldier’s Joy (hornpipe) is also known as Chicken In The Bread Tray, The Clap Dance, Da Soldiers Joy, French Four, Gower, The Gower, The King’s Head, Lumbers, The Morris Reel, Pibddawns Gwyr, Reel Des Pompiers, Reel Du Vagabon, Reel Du Vagabond, Seksmannsril, Sex Man Engelska, Soldier’s Joy, The Soldier’s Joy, Soldiers Joy, Soldiers’ Joy.

Marie’s Wedding (polka) is also known as Lewis Bridal Song, Mairi’s Wedding, Mairie’s March, Mairie’s Wedding, Mhari’s Wedding.

Dance Album by The Bushwhackers Band

  1. Soldier’s Joy
  2. Fred’s Delight
  3. McLeod’s
  4. The Trip To The Cottage
  5. Marie’s Wedding