One recording of
Jock Wilson’s Ball
Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

Jock Wilson’s Ball (reel) is also known as Jack Wilson’s Ball, Jock Wilson’s, Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu, My Gentle Milk Maid, My Gentle Milkmaid, My Kindly Sweetheart.

Miss Gordon Of Fochabers (strathspey) is also known as Angus Allen And Dan J’s, Miss Gordon, Miss Gordon Fochaber, Miss Gordon Of Fochaber’s, Miss Gordon’s, Miss Gordon’s - Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey Of Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers.

First Hand by Mairi Rankin

  1. The Black Thorn
  2. Miss Gordon’s
  3. Master MacDermott
  4. Smith’s
  5. The Dancing Of The Fingers
  6. Donald MacGaugan’s Rant
  7. Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu