Christie’s Quickstep jig

Also known as The Quick Step, The Quickstep.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Christie's Quickstep
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B|AFD DED|AFA d2A|Bcd AFD|Egf edc|
f|:afd dfa|afb afd|gbg faf|geee2f|
[1 afd dfa|afb afd|gfe fdB|Addd2f:|
[2 fed cBA|BdB AFD|GFE FDB,|A,DDD2||

One comment

Christie’s Quickstep

From the Playing of Alex Francis MacKay. Paul Cranford has these notes with the sheet music which differs slightly from the version I have from MacKay’s recording:

I first learned this from Margaret MacPhee who got it from her son Doug. He had learned it with Dan Joe MacInnis. Years later, going through handwritten manuscripts belonging to Alec Francis MacKay, I found it in a manuscript prepared by Alex F’s cousin, Dan R. MacDonald. Dan R had written the tune out as The Quickstep Jig by William Christie however the tune isn’t found in Christie’s 1820 Collection. Years later, I found it in Gore’s melodic index (a key D jig called The Quickstep in Archibald Duff’s 1794 Collection). If it is a
Christie tune it was apparently an early compositions (age 16). I have yet to see a copy of Duff’s book to verify Dan R’s annotation. Since there are many untitled tunes called Quickstep, I gave the tune the title above.