One recording of
The Bird’s Nest
The Pitnacree Ferrymen

The Bird’s Nest (reel) is also known as The Birds Nest, The Thrush’s Nest.

The Pitnacree Ferrymen (reel) is also known as The Boatman Of Pitnacree, The Picnacree Ferryman, The Pitnacree Boatman.

Live-Disc 2 by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Lady Gordon Of Gordonstown
  2. The Fife Hunt
  3. The Marquis Of Queensbury
  4. The Auld Stewards Of Forthergill
  5. The Bird’s Nest
  6. Laybourn’s
  7. You’re Welcome Charlie Stewart
  8. Donald MacGugan’s Rant
  9. Jenny Pippin’s
  10. Steer The Gill
  11. A John Campbell
  12. The Pitnacree Ferryman