Siege Of Delhi reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Siege Of Delhi
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
| AB |: c4 c2e2 | eAfA e2AB |c4 c2e2 | {f}a2ec B2AB |
|c4c2e2 | eAfA e2AB | c2ae fded |c2A2 A2AB :|
|: c4 c2e2 | d4 d2f2 | c4 c2e2 | {f}a2ec B2AB |
|c4 c2e2 |d4 d2f2 | c2ae fded |1 c2A2 A2AB :|2 c2A2 A2g2 ||
|: a2af e2ec | A2Ac e2AB |c4 c2e2 | {f}a2ec B2g2 |
|a2af e2ec |A2Ac e2AB | c2ae fded |1 c2A2 A2g2:|2 c2A2 A2AB||
|: c4 c2e2 | fdad fdad |c4 c2e2 | {f}a2ec B2AB |
|c4 c2e2 |fdad fdad | c2ae fded | c2A2 A2AB :|
X: 2
T: Siege Of Delhi
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
| GA |: B4 B2d2 | dGeG d2GA |B4 B2d2 | {e}g2dB A2GA |
|B4B2d2 | dGeG d2GA | B2gd ecdc |B2G2 G2GA :|
|: B4 B2d2 | c4 c2e2 | B4 B2d2 | {e}g2dB A2GA |
|B4 B2d2 |c4 c2e2 | B2gd ecdc |1 B2G2 G2GA :|2 B2G2 G2f2 ||
|: g2ge d2dB | G2GB d2GA |B4 B2d2 | {e}g2dB A2f2 |
|g2ge d2dB |G2GB d2GA | B2gd ecdc |1 B2G2 G2f2:|2 B2G2 G2GA||
|: B4 B2d2 | ecgc ecgc |B4 B2d2 | {e}g2dB A2GA |
|B4 B2d2 |ecgc ecgc | B2gd ecdc | B2G2 G2GA :|

Four comments

Siege Of Delhi

Four-part reel (or maybe a march) popular with bagpipers. Martin Carthy has a great version of this although I think his is slightly different. I like to play it on mandolin.

…I like to play it on mandolin, in Gmaj.

It is a 2/4 pipe march. The first bar kind of implies that it is a march. A mixolydian would be used for a pipe setting. I seem to recall that Martin Carthy got the tune from Hamish Henderson. The earliest pipe book I can find in reference is "The Scottish Pipers’ Society Book of Tunes", in 1912.