Rock All Our Babies To Sleep waltz

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X: 1
T: Rock All Our Babies To Sleep
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FG | A2 B3 A | |G2 A2 G2 | (F2A,3 D) | F4 FG|
F2 E2 F2 |1,3 G2 F2 G2 | B4A2 | F4 :|2,4 G3F E2 | D6- | D4 :|
FG | A2f3 A| B2 g4 | Af- fg fd | A4 cd |
c2 E3 F | G3 F G2 |1,3 B4 A2 | F4 :|2,4 G3F E2 | D6- | D4 :|

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Rock All Our Babies To Sleep

I have been charmed by the beautiful rendition of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham of this 1932 composition of coutry musician Jimmy "The singing Brakeman" Rodgers. And was surprised, after some searches on the web - and with the help of Kenny* -, to discover that this tune was not from scottish tradition though the playing by Aly anchored it in there (being not fluent in english, I had somme difficulties to understand the introducing comments).
You can find 2 interpretations of this tune in the following additional ABC fields
C:Jimmy Rodgers, 1932
S:for this transcription (beginning at 12:50)

S:for the original composition