Bellag The Drover jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bellag The Drover
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
e|a2 f ecA|BcB cAA|AAA cBA|BcA B2 c|
a2 f ecA|BcB cAA|AAA cBc| AAA A2:|
|:c|e e2 efg|agf ecA|AAA cBA|BcA B2 c|
[1e e2 efg|agf ecA|AAA cBc| AAA A2:|
[2efe ecA|BcB cBA|AAA cBc| AAA A2|]

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Bellag The Drover

A tune from the Scottish piping tradition.
Listed as traditional, but appears in Donald MacLeod’s book 3.
"Bellag" is a diminutive of Ishbel, so the drover is probably a quine.
Has some potential, methinks.

Ishka bibble

What the devil’s a quine?

The opposite o’ a loon.

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I met these two guys on a campsite. Recognised that one of them was speaking BBC Doric - and then gave him a laugh by asking where his mate was from.

BBC Doric - is that where they have Doctor Fa on a Sechterday?

I said to the guy who sounded like the character from Brave that I recognised his mate’s Doric from hearing the spot that Robbie Shepherd used to do on The Reel Blend (which they approved of). His explanation of the difference - I think - was that "they were educated".

Once I knew to parse it as a form of English I could pick out all the words I didn’t understand.