Five recordings of a tune named
Little Donald’s Wife

Also known as An Gabh Thu Bean, A Dho’ill Bhig?, Will You Take A Wife, Little Donald?, Captain Simon Fraser Of Knockie’s Favourite.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Calum Breugach (a few times), The Drummer (a few times), The Haughs Of Cromdale (a few times), The King’s (a few times), Miss Lyall (a few times), Because He Was A Bonny Lad, Cawdor Fair, Duncan On The Plainstones, Fingal’s Cave, John Smeaton, King George IV, The Last Mile, Little Donald In The Pigsty, Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart’s, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Waking O’ The Fauld, Wissahickon Drive.

  1. Darach by The Bonnie Loch Fiddlers
  2. From Foot Cape by Ian MacDougall
  3. Full Circle by Bill Lamey
  4. Music From The Heart by Pius MacIsaac
  5. The Lake Sessions by Dara Smith-MacDonald & Adam Young