The Sheriff’s Ride reel

Also known as The Sheriff’s Ride (Lichfield).

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sheriff's Ride
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: BA | G2 E2 E2 FG | AG F2 E2 B2 | e2 e2 e2 fe | d2 B2 B3 B |
d2 d2 ed dc| dcBA A2 E2 | G2 A2 dcBA |[1 B2 E2 E2 :| [2 B2 E2 E4 |]
|: e2 e2 e2 fe | d2 B2 B3 B | e2 e2 e2 fe | d2 B2 B3 B |
d2 d2 ed dc | dcBA A2 E2 | G2 A2 dcBA | [1 BE E2 E4 :| [2 BE E2 E2 |]

Two comments

The Sheriff’s Ride

A tune that was played at one of my local sessions (Bristol, UK) yesterday evening. I’ve transcribed it as a reel, but in reality it’s an undotted hornpipe.

Nothing to do with sheriffs of the wild west variety! The title of the tune takes its name from the traditional circuit of the bounds of the city of Lichfield (Staffordshire, UK) on horseback, dating from Queen Mary’s Charter of 1553.

The “A” part of the tune is similar to the melody of the song: “the Raggle-Taggle Gypsies”.