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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Moran's Fancy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B3|:e3 f ed B2|efed B G3|AB HD4 EF|G3 BG (3ABA G3|1 E>D HE4 dcd:|2 E>D HE4 EF||
HG2 EF G2 AB/c/|d2 e (3dBG A2 -|A6 GA|HB2 (3efe d3 e|fd He2 g3 a|
gf e3 fe>Hd|efed B G3|AB HD4 EF|G3 BG (3ABA G3|E>D HE4||

Five comments

Tom Moran’s Fancy

Learned this from the Eddie Clarke Album "Unheard".

It’s an air so I tried my best to notate it simply while expressing the whole depth of the tune. You kind of have to hear it but if you’re looking for hints it’s here, to help complete the tunes for that album.

Long Notes

I really wanted the quarter note on the 5th bar of the B part to be a half note. The fermata doesn’t imply that long of a hold. The midi will sound a bit rushed there as a result, because I wanted it to be "accurate" to notation standards, but you should know just to hold that high e quarter note out extra long.

Tom Moran’s Fancy

Not perhaps the best solution, but would the following work?

HG2 EF G2 AB/c/ | d2 e (3dBG A2 - | A6 GA | HB2 (3efe d3 e |\
fd He4 g3 a|
gf e3 fe>Hd | etc

yeah that would work. But really no need to clutter up the ABC like that. Actually you can just add any value of notes to a measure without breaking the interpreter. It will handle it as well.